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Matcha Monday!

Having a hard time giving up your morning matcha latte from Starbucks? I know I am… or at least I was, until I had a little fun and made this fabulous matcha smoothie for breakfast this morning!

This green, creamy cup of goodness was too yummy not to share, so look no further, recipe is down below!

Creamy Matcha Smoothie

1 large frozen banana

¾ cup of full fat coconut milk

2 tbsp Japanese matcha green tea powder

1 tsp ground flax

½ cup frozen mangoes

Handful of spinach

1 tsp maple syrup

Your AMIE supplement powder

Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth! This bad boy is jam packed with nutrients! It’s a great breakfast if you’re someone who is active and on the go, and I promise it will keep you feeling appropriately satiated for hours!

Why matcha you ask? Matcha is one of the main forms of green tea that is especially high in antioxidants. Regular consumption has been shown to be beneficial in the prevention of cancer, specifically cancers of the GI tract, lungs, breast and prostate. Woo!


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