Don't Lose That Loving Feeling!

In the spirit of Valentine’s day we thought it would only be fitting to talk a little bit about what a lot of people refer to as the love hormone, oxytocin. This hormone comes by it’s reputation honestly as it works to create a feeling of connectedness, attachment and love. Release of oxytocin is what causes a mother to bond with her baby or causes romantic partners to bond with each other.

Did you know that in addition to “that loving feeling”, releasing oxytocin can help support one’s mental wellbeing? Increased oxytocin release can lower stress levels and help to manage anxiety.

Here are some simple tips and tricks you can include in your daily life to help release oxytocin:

  • Importance of Touch - simple gestures like holding hands or hugging

  • Practicing Gratitude - helping out a friend or practicing selflessness

  • Animals, Animals, Animals - spending extra time petting your furry friend

  • Self-Love - scheduling time to practice yoga or meditate

We hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day and don’t forget to show yourself some love!

Your Friends at 'Amie'

P.S. Interested in more information about oxytocin and how it is released? Check out this this article:


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