Do you Know AMIE??

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

What is ‘AMIE’?

Anxiety, Mood, Irritability, Energy”


· a nutritional neuroscience supplement,

· managed by a certified health practitioner and,

· customized, in powder form, for your unique personal mental wellness needs based on the three pillars of brain, digestive and hormonal health.

‘AMIE’ is a game-changer in the way women manage their mood.

1. AMIE provides women with a natural approach to stabilize stress, mood and energy level imbalances to help you feel your best.

2. ‘One size’ does NOT fit all when it comes to mental wellness. AMIE takes into account your individual wellness status.

3. An all-natural, safe, high quality, highly bioavailable, supplement that is customized specifically for you by an accomplished, certified health practitioner and science support team.

4. Support:

· Health practitioner that understands your special situation

· Nutritional neuroscientists who understand the distinct female biochemistry

· People who care


1-833-545-2643 (AMIE)

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